High quality sauna is available on site to relieve tired body and mind.
We provide the best service for your comfort and convenience.


Operating Hours

• Women & Men
• Hours: 5AM ~ 8PM (7 days a week)
• Cost: 7,000 won
• Phone: +82-2-2277-1141~4

▶ Distinctions of Young-Bin Hotel Sauna
• Our sauna has installed special medallions and an "energy-waved water" unit which are authorized. They neutralize 'negative energy' and 'electromagnetic waves' which are harmful. (refer to the photo)


• -Affects the 'negative energy' and the 'electromagnetic waves' that harm human bodies. Problems such as:
1) 1. Cause the unbalance of our bio-rythem and make our physical strength and immune system weak.
2. Decrease the brain development of children.
3. Increase the development of cancer-cells.
4. Cause insomnia and depression.

A quality sauna needs a hot-water radiator which emits 'electromagnetic waves'. However, our sauna has the "special medallions" which neutralize the waves in several places to protect our customers' health.

• Supply the 'energy-waved water'.
What is energy anyways?
Human body has its own level of energy. If the frequency level changes you could experience poor health or become susceptible to illness.
-The energy-waved water affects the human body in these ways:
1. Your skin stays health, youthful and remains elastic.
2. Helps fight skin diseases such as Atopy.
3. If you drink a glass of the special water and enjoy a massage from the jets from the bath, your skin and whole body will benefit.



Included, free of charge, is a light American/Korean-style buffet breakfast.

Operating Hours


• Hours: 7AM ~ 10AM
• Phone: +82-2-2277-1141~4


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고객센터: 02-2277-1141